Mistakes of First Time Home Sellers

Plenty of homeowners consider their place to be a coveted property that all others would be lucky to own, but this way of thinking can often lead to trouble when it comes to actually trying to sell their home. Hi – Amy Reynolds at Ace real estate –

First time home sellers in particular exhibit some self-sabotaging behaviors that can trip them up on the way to getting the deal done.

One of the things is thinking they can do it all alone. Selling a home is not for the faint of heart, nor is it an easy “do it yourself” project. It is quickly discovered that marketing and showing their property is a full time job, on top of the other things they have to do while the house is on the market… like cleaning, painting, etc.

First time sellers often want to price their home too high thinking that a buyer will put in an offer and they can negotiate from there. We are seeing more and more that competitively priced homes move a lot faster than over priced homes. Some buyers won’t even bother looking at over priced homes b/c they don’t want the hassle of “haggling” and then your house can stay on the market longer than expected.

The same goes for sellers who aren’t willing to negotiate at all. Just because an offer may come in lower that you hoped, that’s no reason to take it personally and refuse to negotiate. Think of an offer as a starting point that leads to a compromise that works for both the buyer and seller.

I’ve mentioned in other videos that you have to keep your house clean. You don’t want buyers distracted by a dirty house or too much clutter.

First time sellers also need to be “ready to show” at all times. Making it difficult for agents to show your home could make or break a sale.

Also, be open minded when listing your house on the market and really listen to the advice your agent gives you. Whether its suggesting repairs, cleaning, decluttering, etc. They are there to serve you and help you sell quickly.

And last but not least… have a game plan. If you sell quickly, where are you going to go? Not having a plan and putting a buyer off by delaying closing could kill the deal.

There are so many things that go into getting your home ready to sell and marketing it to the masses. Let me know if you have any questions or need to be pointed in a specific direction. I’m Amy Reynolds with Ace Real estate and your home is my business.

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