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Yikes! Did you know what all can go wrong if you hire the wrong real estate agent? You don’t want to trust just anybody with what is most likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make!

Hi- I’m Amy Reynolds with Ace Real Estate and there are many things to look for when hiring an agent to insure that you are happy with your decision and experience.

You want an agent that listens to you and understands your goals and needs, not being on the same page with your agent can cause a ton of unnecessary confusion and headaches.

Your agent should be working with your best interest at heart and serve as your trusted advisor through the overwhelming amount of decisions you’ll make when buying or selling your home. You want them to be a good negotiatior… not just someone that says they are and You want them on your side working to make sure you are happy with your choices.

The right agent is easy to get a hold of at reasonable times… this may or may not be one of your pet peeves, but unresponsiveness in something as complex as a real estate transaction can be an absolute nightmare for the person whose money, home and future are on the line. You want your agent returning calls, texts and emails from you, other agents or potential buyers quickly. Your agent should be marketing your home to the masses or making sure buyers are touring all of the homes that fit their needs.

There’s no rule that says a real estate transaction has to be unpleasant. Yes, it’s a lengthy process that has lots of implictations, but if you take a step back and think about it, buying or selling a home is usually the beginning of your next adventure , whether you are up-sizing, down sizing or transitioning from renting to owning, you should work with someone who can at least make this a pleasant experience and as stress free for you as possible. I’d love to chat with you about how Ace Real Estate is different and how we can make things easy for you. I’m Amy Reynolds, and your home is my business.

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